Hey all!    

I find my journey as an ATS
® teacher has been quite rewarding!   To be
able to impart the gospel according to Carolena Nericcio is an honor
indeed!   I'm also branching out into performance coaching for the tribal
dancer soloist or otherwise.   I bring years of musical theatre experience
both on and offstage, having supervised numerous auditions, performed in
shows, etc.   I find that this is a valuable resource and one that is sorely
lacking in the bellydance community.   Not just stage presence, but just
what goes into the subtle nuances of a performance i.e. who are you
onstage, where are you, feelings, insecurities and using them to your
advantage....yes, advantage!

I've been offering private lessons in my home in Fullerton for the ATS
dancer wanting to refine their technique and the soloist wanting to explore
and perfect their showmanship because ultimately that's what the audience
wants:   A SHOW!!!!    Call or e.mail for availability, rates, etc.   I look
forward to working with you!

 I now have 2 performing troupes:  Azuluna is now my advanced student
troupe and Bella Luna is my professional troupe.   Azuluna will compliment
Bella Luna as needed during shows, performing in chorus and will give new
® dancers an opportunity to dance.   Bella Luna will include guest
dancers as well as the core dancers that comprised  Azuluna since its

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Sooz is a dedicated student & performer of tribal style bellydance.  For the last 3 years
she has studied primarily tribal fusion bellydance with Rachel Lazarus Soto, after a year
of introductory courses in Cabaret style bellydance with Fahtiem.  She initially found
tribal style bellydance on the internet, first discovering the acclaimed tribal troupe,
FatChanceBellyDance.  Excited by the costuming, camaraderie and the empowerment she
felt from these dancers, she began to seek a teacher in Southern California to fill in the
blanks left by the videos she had been studying.

Weekly classes, endless rehearsals and countless performances with award winning
troupe, Devadasi & Blue Damsel, as well as Atash Maya,  have given Sooz valuable
experience that has inspired her to share what she knows with others.  She is continually
studying with many different teachers in workshops & seminars to improve her technique
and understanding of the body's movements.    Sooz has completed the
® General Skills and Teacher Training and is also a proud Sister
Studio!   She can't thank her mentor, Carolena Nerricio, enough!

Shameless plugs:   2nd Runner up Bellydancer of the Universe 2007-Tribal Soloist (also
Miss Congeniality!)
First Place-Mini Ensemble-Devadasi @ Wiggles of the West 2005

Sooz  wants to bring the joy of tribal bellydance to women in Orange County and beyond.
She hopes to help other women realize the changes in attitude and confidence that she
has seen in herself as a result of tribal bellydance.  Most importantly, she wants her
students to unplug from the world for awhile and enjoy being themselves.

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Namaste y'all!

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